Plenk2010 Journey:

I'd like to learn how to set up, interact, facilitate and create knowledge in a PLE type environment

October 19, 2010

How do I know I am making progress?

I have tried to reflect on the ways that I know I am making progress in my research and in my learning, using the format that Stephen came up with during last Friday's conversation.
What I found interesting is that most of what I have come up with is about how I know that I have achieved something, when the learning is integrated and regurgitated in some way.  The only assessment that I have about my progress is a feeling of confusion, mixed with interest and some hint of insights and things to do....
Well, right now, I will know that I have made progress when I have a proper PLE up and running, so I will leave that for now and work on it.



  1. you wrote " ...I know that I have achieved something when the learning is integrated and regurgitated in some way."
    So true. In replying to a friend's question about Moodle's strenghts and weakness the other day, I suddenly realized that much of what I was saying I'd learned in PLENK.
    Regurgitating (or repurposing) knowledge helps us see gaps in our learning as well. I had to admit that my knowledge of the "teacher" end of Moodle was minimal.

  2. As Wittgenstein says, you show that you understand the meaning of a word when you use it.

    Same with learning.