Plenk2010 Journey:

I'd like to learn how to set up, interact, facilitate and create knowledge in a PLE type environment

October 02, 2010

My Learning Questions

What I would like to explore / get out of participating in PLENK2010?

Understand how I can set up a PLE that works for me especially from a practical / technical point of view but also the network / social perspective. Well, yes, if there is a way to set up a system where I can easily monitor, explore, create AND make it recursive with a wider community, I'm up for it! My system is so much a mess at the moment...

Check how (& if) PLE-type interaction can help develop my learning in some ways faster, easier, funnier, whatever... than the more traditional way. In particular, I am interested here in how the network can provide me with useful artefacts that would take me soooo long to gather otherwise.

Explore to create /facilitate / interact in a learning rich PLE environment. I have some understanding and practice in creating conversations, networks... and I was wandering what can be learned in the approach to develop not only a learning environment but also one where we can co-create new knowledge.


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