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October 11, 2010

What to learn in a MOOC about Learning Theory?

Last week was about learning theory.  I must say that it is not a really engaging topic for me:  To me the only theory that I want to learn is the theory of the person(s) that I am developing, engaging, influencing:  how they think, what motivates them and what they believe in the world around them...  Well that's me.

More to the course itself, I was kept wandering if the topic in itself is really suited to the course intent itself:  in a way, looking at the various theory is like asking for some content to be served to us.  that means a very traditional way in an environment not intended for it.  Listing theories left me with a "so what?".  We can assume that this type of knowledge is already there.  
PLENK may be suited to build maps, aggregate, categorise, etc...  In a sense, making sense about the large mass of information, as well as gathering the links to the theory themselves.  
Or, it would have been useful to really focus on the link between PLE and learning theory.  It may have given us more insights about our own implicit theory.  And I have a suspicion that in a modern learning environment, with social consideration, large amount of data, etc...  the practical aspects of a PLE are very much linked with the theoretical, less dissociated than we would traditionally think.


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